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Strategic investments in England

Aiming to tackle some of society’s most entrenched social problems
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In addition to our open funding programmes Awards for All and Reaching Communities, we are investing over £500 million in England, over the long term, to tackle some of society’s most entrenched social problems in preventative and innovative ways.

All these investments have been designed and are being delivered working closely with beneficiaries and service users. They each require organisations from different sectors to work together, using an approach focused on individuals and prevention rather than cure.

They include:

Giving young people support and skills to cope with adversity and do well at school and in life.

Our new £75m Fulfilling Lives: HeadStart investment will equip young people to cope better with difficult circumstances in their lives, so as to prevent them experiencing common mental health problems before they become serious issues.

Early intervention in first years

Through A Better Start we aim to improve outcomes for 10,000 of the most vulnerable babies and families in England, investing £150 million over 8-10 years in up to five areas.

Helping young people into training and employment

Up to 21 areas of the country will soon be implementing the £100 million five-year Talent Match programme designed to help young people furthest from the labour market back into training, education and jobs.

Ending the revolving door of disjointed care for adults suffering from multiple problems

Twelve local area partnerships will implement an eight-year £100 million programme to give people with complex needs access to more joined-up services tailored to individuals' needs

Supporting people to live fulfilling and independent lives in later years

Our Centre for Ageing Better will invest £50 million to look at what works in helping people have a rewarding old age. And a £70 million investment will address social isolation among older people


Key to all these schemes is learning. We want to learn what works – and what doesn’t – and share our findings widely as we go along, shedding light on ways to both save money and deliver better results for vulnerable people.

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