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Sector support (England)

Find support to help develop sustainability
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Ways to use our funding to develop organisational strengths, opportunities and sustainability

How we’re supporting VCSE organisations to develop and become more sustainable in England

In England, we offer a number of initiatives designed to support VCSE organisations to develop and become more sustainable. Some are targeted to our grant holders and others are open to specific groups or the wider sector.

You can see what we are doing, how it relates to your organisation and how helper agencies also play a key part in these initiatives by viewing our Sector Support chart

These initiatives are based on research, which you can find on our current making the most of our funding and social investment webpages. This includes key studies on:

We are currently taking stock of learning, evaluation and research from our initiatives and from others. We are also considering how 'doing good' by VCSE organisations and others may develop as the 21st century progresses. This will help us develop a revised sector support strategy as part of our England portfolio of funding based on our strategic framework which works on the principle that people should be in the lead in improving lives, communities and organisations.